Athan Gousios Music




Athan Gousios began playing music at the age of 14, and has been hooked ever since. His journey began when he caught a violent case of mono, and was bedridden for weeks. Unable to participate in sports or other activities, Athan turned his attention to the old drum set tucked away in the corner of his room. After just one practice session, he knew he had found his passion, and with that came the drive and determination to be the best musician he could be. Athan's hard work led him to such groups as the Downbeat Award winning JazzSchool Studio Band, county and state honor bands, and eventually to Los Angeles for the highly acclaimed California State University Northridge Jazz Program.

In Los Angeles, Athan has had the wonderful opportunity to work with bands such as the CSUN Jazz A Band (2013 Downbeat Magazine's Top Collegiate Jazz Big Band), and participate in festivals like the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Reno Jazz Festval, where he received the award for Outstanding Small-Group Musician.

Currently, Athan's playing can be heard all around the Los Angeles area with multiple performing groups, as well as across the country on multiple television networks (CBS, NBC, NatGeo, E!) as part of his continued work with Gramoscope Music, providing tracks for numerous television shows worldwide.

Additionally, Athan's education has cultivated his love for piano, voice, songwriting and composition, and he now frequently works as a songwriter and composer, in a variety of genres that include pop, jazz, rock, big band and orchestral. Some of Athan's composer and songwriting credits include work with Emmy nominated composers and producers, over 50 compositions on national television with production house Gramoscope Music, orchestration of multiple musicals that have premiered on Broadway in New York City, and many student films and independent works. Working daily as a professional performer/composer, Athan hopes he can use this vast experience to take your music experience to the next level.